Practice Excellent Dog Park Etiquette in Local Los Banos Dog Parks

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Practice Excellent Dog Park Etiquette in Local Los Banos Dog Parks

Not only do we traditionally have great weather year-round, we also have a handful of dog-friendly parks and businesses that pet owners can take advantage of with furry friends. Bringing your dog to a dog park or public space that allows pet is a great way to meet new people, introduce your dog to a new environment and help you both burn off some access energy!

To ensure that these places stay dog-friendly, we have to make sure that our pets are on their best behavior. Therefore, we have a few etiquette tips to consider and brush up on before visiting these places:

Pick up after your pet.

This is the biggest etiquette tip! Parks and local businesses are most likely to stop welcoming pets if there are messes all over the place as pet owners neglect to clean up appropriately. Always be prepared to quickly clean up messes by bringing waste or plastic baggies with you at all times. Some pet owners even invest in leashes that have a baggie container built right in so they don’t forget!

Bring a leash and collar, even if they aren’t required.

Even if the dog park has a no leash policy once inside the premises, it’s a good idea to have a leash and collar with tags on you whenever you leave your house with your pet. Not only do you have to likely transport your pet by roads, you never know how your dog will react to others. They might be feeling protective of you one day and you’ll be happy to have a leash.

Always bring a safety kit.

When traveling with your pet, it’s always a good idea to have a kit full of bandages, pet health records, cleaning solutions and ointments in a bag or box. Most pet owners include these items in their glove box or trunk in case of a minor emergency. It’s important, however, to know the difference between a minor emergency and an issue that needs veterinary attention so give us a call with questions!

Should an emergency arise while you are enjoying some time with your pet or any day, remember that Los Banos Veterinary Clinic is here for you! Monitor your pet’s energy and demeanor to know when to go home... Most emergencies happen when pets are tired.

We hope that you take advantage of the great dog parks and dog-friendly areas in our area, especially during beautiful fall days!

Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2014