Preparing for a Safe Road Trip with Pets

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Preparing for a Safe Road Trip with Pets

As summer days get cooler and shorter in the coming weeks, it’s hard to admit that summer is already coming to an end. Many Los Banos families, however, still have one more family vacation coming up before kids go back to school and some of these households may even decide to bring their pets along for the family adventure! From local camping trips to long road excursions, a canine companion can make a great addition when the appropriate preparations have been put in place.

In order to make the trip an enjoyable one for everyone, it’s important to understand that dogs can’t be left in the backseat with little breaks or activity. Here are some tips to keep in mind before leaving for your trip that will help your furry and human companions get the most out of this summer road trip.

Create a schedule.

Pets are used to schedules, even if you’re not always aware of it. They are used to eating breakfast before you go to work, going to the bathroom around your or your pet walker’s timeframe and eat dinner around the same time every day. These schedules are important to maintain while you are away from home, so make sure to schedule bathroom breaks and feeding times.

Make a travel kit.

Just as you will need to pack your bag of belongings, your pet has some traveling essentials you should bring along as well. A well-packed pet suitcase consists of first aid items such as nail clippers, bandages and tweezers, health records, food and water bowls, a pooper-scooper and an extra leash.

Let your vet know about your plans.

A quick call to your animal hospital will not only let your vet know that you and your pet will be traveling, but also gives you the chance to refill any prescriptions that are running low and ask about location-specific warnings. For example, if you’re camping in the Grand Canyon, your vet may have some tips about the dangers of rattlesnakes and dehydration for your pet.

Watch the car temperature.

Especially in the summer, it’s easy for dogs to overheat in cars. Never leave your pet alone in a warm car! Internal car temperatures can rise to fatal very quickly as cars collect heat, even with the windows open. Should you need to make a quick stop, have a family member remain in the car or ask the business if you can bring your dog with you.

When you and your pet are prepared for adventure, it can make for lasting memories for all. If you have any questions about traveling with pets or need to reach out before leaving for your summer getaway, please give Los Banos Veterinary Clinic a call today. Safe travels – happy trails!

Posted Tuesday, August 19, 2014