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Protect Your Pet from Fleas Year-Round in Los Banos

Since we have a very agreeable environment and yearly temperatures, fleas don’t have much of a down time and are always active. Especially if your pets enjoy time outdoors, it’s important to consider yearlong flea preventatives to keep your pet healthy and your home flea free!

Fleas are very easy to contract when they aren’t protected and can be extremely difficult to rid from your home. The quicker fleas are caught and the sooner you adopt preventative measures, the better. If you notice your pet scratching or see little black crawlers, it’s time to take a deeper look.

Identifying the presence of fleas. 

Even though they are all small, adult fleas are generally easier to spot due to their size and are a red flag. When there are adult fleas, there are usually larvae. You can look for fleas by using a small tooth comb, gently brushing the fur and lightly grazing the skin. Fleas may be present, but look out for "flea dust” as well, which is the residue they leave behind.

Treating fleas.

The first thing to do when you spot fleas on your pet is to call the vet! The Los Banos Veterinary Clinic is well trained in recognizing and treating fleas and during a visit, your vet can recommend the best course of treatment for your pet and your lifestyle. Not only will you want to fleas off of your pet, consider flea bombing your house to make sure that the problem is completely gone.

Prevention can help ensure your pet never has fleas. 

Today we are fortunate because prevention methods for fleas are very effective and affordable. To avoid flea infestations all together, we recommend yearlong flea protection. We offer many of these preventative measures at our hospital and our team can help get your fixed up with the right choice.

Fleas aren’t fun for anyone and can quickly evolve from some light scratching to a full infestation of the home. Even if you have indoor pets, you aren’t immune! In the small amount of time your pet is outdoors for bathroom breaks and exercise is enough time to come in contact with fleas, so they should also have flea protection medications. 

If you think your pet has a flea problem, feel free to make an appointment or drop off the findings from brushing the fur and we can help you identify the problem and find the best way to fix it. 

Posted Monday, September 01, 2014