Thinking About Becoming a Pet Owner? Read This Advice First

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Thinking About Becoming a Pet Owner? Read This Advice First

Are you thinking of bringing a new furry friend into your clan? This is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be decided on a whim. Regardless of experience, anyone willing to provide a safe, loving and caring home to a pet will make for a great pet owner. Those who seek advice first, however, are generally more prepared.

At Los Banos Veterinary Clinic, we see quite a few medical issues that could be avoided, some made by new pet owners. Here are the top three most common mistakes that new pet owners make so that you can address them early-on in your search for your perfect pet!

Mistake 1: Failing to train your pets.

Start your experience off on the right paw by enlisting in professional training services. While some pet owners effectively train their pets, not all people have time to dedicate or have little experience. Training a puppy takes a lot of patience and some pet owners don’t want to be associated with correction training – professionals will identify your pet’s traits, habits and learning preference to maximize training sessions tailored to your wants.

If you’re interested in puppy or new dog training classes, we recommend enlisting in classes within the first few weeks of bring your new pet home. The Los Banos staff is happy to point you in the right direction or set you up with a credible trainer!

Mistake 2: Visit your vet only during emergencies.

One of the first things we recommend when welcoming a new pet into your family is scheduling a veterinary exam. Not only does this allow for your pet and vet to start creating a solid relationship together, an exam will confirm a status of health or identify any potential concerns early on. If you only take your pet to the veterinarian during times of illness or emergency, we aren’t able to catch medical issues early on and treatment can become more serious and expensive. Annual or frequent exams will help us keep your pet healthy throughout the duration of his or her life.

Mistake 3: Feeding incorrect foods.

Offering your pet the appropriate food from the beginning is very important for the overall health of your pet. Puppies need special food to ensure that they receive the correct nutrients to grow while adult dogs require less fatty elements and seniors have their own specific food needs. At Los Banos Veterinary Clinic, we support lifestage wellness and can help you identify the appropriate type of food for each of your pet’s lifestages as they age.

While pet owners sometimes make mistakes, we are all human after all, they make many wonderful decisions and we are here for each milestone you reach with your pet. If an emergency arises, please call our office! You can also call to arrange for new puppy visits or ask any questions. 

Posted Saturday, September 13, 2014