Tips for a Safe Fourth of July with Pets

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Tips for a Safe Fourth of July with Pets

Holidays are meant to spend with family and friends, so that should include your furry family members as well, right?!. However, what you consider to be fun Fourth of July activities (BBQs, outdoor games and fireworks) may not be enjoyable or even safe for your pet.

Festive fireworks are a major source of worry and fear for most pets due to their ultra-sensitive hearing, so as the holiday approaches, we wanted to share some tips for a successful Fourth of July…

Keep dangerous foods out of reach.

Some common BBQ foods, such as alcohol, onions, avocado, grapes and coffee, can be toxic to pets when ingested. If those items are staples at your holiday gatherings, you may want to ensure that they are out of reach from curious noses.

Leave pets at home.

When your group heads to the park for fireworks, consider leaving your pet at home. In the midst of loud noises and crowded streets, the chances of having your pet runaway increase when they aren’t left at home. Additionally, the noises of the fireworks will be much louder at the park and may scare your pet.

Watch for signs of anxiety.

If your pet starts experiencing anxiety, be prepared find a secure location or crate for him or her to relax. Some common signs of anxiety include drooling or licking the lips, whimpering, shaking, pacing and showing the whites of the eyes. Keeping your dog hydrated will also help calm them down.

Keep outdoor items away from pets.

Spending time outdoors oftentimes is more comfortable when insect repellent, citronella-based candles and lighter fluid are used. These items make grilling and enjoying the outdoors easier, but they can be dangerous for pets. To avoid contact, keep these items high on a table or in a secure location, such as the garage.

Consult your vet.

If you have experienced your fair share of miserable or fearful Fourth of July holidays, we can help. Your veterinarian can prescribe a light medication (either for anxiety or a small sedative) for your pet.

The best thing you can do for your pet on the Fourth of July is find a secure, safe location for them to inhabit, especially during the firework shows. By preparing ahead of time, you will remain calm should your pet experience anxiety and make the situation smoother for all.

If your pet has an emergency situation or if you would like to explore the options of sedatives and helpful medications, please give Los Banos Veterinary Hospital a call! We can help ensure that you and your pet BOTH have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Posted Monday, June 30, 2014