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Our Hospital / We Believe

We Believe


  • That our dedicated staff members are here to best serve the needs of you and your pets!
  • That your pets deserve care worthy of their status as members of your family.
  • That providing timely action that allows for quality medical care, regardless of when your pet needs our assistance. 
  • That offering state-of-the-art tools and equipment helps us to make informed decisions and create effective treatment plans when your pets needs care.
  • That continued staff education, facility investments and equipment upgrades are a great recipe for success.
  • That we must act as advocates for our patients and strive to help them of relieve pain and suffering. 
  • That it’s important to know when to refer our patients to an expert or another facility when we realize that additional care is best for your pet.
  • That it’s important to provide our clients with multiple treatments solutions that help them make an informed decision when choosing the best path for recovery.


At Los Banos Veterinary Clinic, we promise to be a trusted source for care and counsel to all of our patients and their families.