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Specialty Care / Ultrasound


The ability to perform ultrasounds is still considered a relatively new offering in the veterinary medicine field. We are happy to consider ourselves experts in this practice as the use of ultrasound helps veterinarians gain invaluable information that can oftentimes be overlooked by other diagnostic methods. Furthermore, ultrasounds are non-invasive, making them painless for your pet, and are usually performed in less than 30 minutes. However, if your pet starts showing signs of discomfort, we are happy to administer a light sedative.

Types of Ultrasound:

Abdominal ultrasounds are the most popular ultrasound procedures performed at Los Banos Veterinary Clinic. They help us diagnose gastrointestinal tract tumors, organ enlargement and pregnancy. If the diagnosis cannot be confirmed by ultrasound, the vet may conduct other tests to rule out potential concerns.

Echocardiogram – This type of ultrasound is performed over the chest surface and helps diagnose heart abnormalities that could lead to congestive heart failure or cardiac arrest. These ultrasounds typically last half an hour and are recommended for pets genetically prone to heart diseases.

Although Echocardiograms are performed in the chest area, they aren’t used to detect lung abnormalities. As the name suggests, echocardiograms are solely used to obtain images of the heart and blood flow.